2 years after the launch of Pimp My Nails, the Facebook page which introduced Lili Nguyen’s first nail arts, many clients have been in the hands of This is Venice.

this-is-venice-itw-portraitIt’s hard to miss out on This is Venice… TV appearances, articles in famous women magazines talk about her ! Especially when you’re into Nail Art !

So it was time for us to meet Lili and talk out nail art and sneakers, and of course a real nail pimpin’ session !

Where did you get this passion for nail art?
It kinda hit me actually, I was looking at pictures on internet and liked it right away. I tried it and it really became a passion, an addiction. I painted on my own nails, my friends, my mother, my sister, my cousins… and this is where I am now! It all started about 2 years ago.
After many sessions at Starbucks in Paris, you now have your own salon, where is it?
It’s located at Glazed Shop showroom, 20 rue Danielle Casanova (Metro Pyramides or Opéra).
Did you have any issues at Starbucks? Did you get any comments about what you were doing?
I did hundreds of sessions there, they (Starbucks’ staff) knew what I was doing here, but we were quite discrete though. Most of the time, they were laughing with me.
How can we book a session with you and how much is it?
It really depends on what you want, it’s mostly around 35€, it could be more, but you can get in touch with me by email, we decide on a day and that’s it. It’s only by appointment.
For example, how much is the one we’re doing?a
About 30€ or 35€.
How would you describe your style? What inspire you?
Mainly Hip Hop and Pop, very close to my personality. I like to take inspiration from artists like Keith Haring for example, I really like this artist.
You did a training to become a nail technician, how does it change your work?
The training allows me to put false nails, gel nails… it is a must! I realize that it was important doing that, a lot of girls comes and asks me that now. However, it doesn’t change anything to nail art, but it gives me the opportunity for more things.
To be more professional, right!
Yes exctly, and being able to attract a bigger audience, because some girls only come for nail extensions and not pimp.
Besides from the training, you learnt everything on the job?
Yep, yep !
Did at least check out tutorials and technics on Youtube?
No, not even that, I really learn everything by myself! It came easily though since I’ve always drawn, I think it helped a lot, and I’m vietnamese, so it’s in my blood (laugh).
Your work have been broadcasted by general medias (100% Mag, Oues-France…), how do you explain this interest?
There is a big boom arount nail art now, so I think I got lucky to come in at the right time, and with social networks it’s really fast! I know that there’s a lot of girls out there that didn’t get the chance to have articles, and stuff like that. I don’t know why me more than another girl, because there’s plenty of girls that work very good. Now, I’m very glad with what’s happening!
Since these appearances, do you have a whole new kind of different or older clients?
Yep totally, totally!