Scrolling down over her posts, Maude AKA Call Me Peach counts over 27K followers on her Instagram account. Her pictures are a mix of her sneakers and outfits of the day, her cat and her tattoos get regularly thousands of likes. That being said, Sneakers Madame met Call Me Peach for you to get to know her better!

Hi Call Me Peach, could tell us a little bit more about yourself?
My name is not really Peach, as everyone can suspect, but I like to remain anonymous! I’m 30 and I’ve been living in Barcelona for almost 7 years. The most important things have been said already, My sneakers and my cat take a place in my life! Beside that I work for a Men Fashion website and I spend my day over the phone! Apart from this I try to enjoy the nice life of Barcelona to the fullest as I know I’m really lucky to live here…
How many pairs of sneakers do you have in your collection and which one is your favorite?
I think that I own around a hundred of pairs today, all brands. It can seem like a lot but it really doesn’t take that much of space! It all started with a pair of Air Max 1 and even if I opened myself to other brands and styles, the Air Max is still the model above everything else.
Without this first pair, I wouldn’t have started my collection, nor my Instagram, it all really started from here. So there is no doubt that this model, beside what it represents in term of innovation and legend, will remain something ‘sacred’ to me.
Since you launched you Instagram account, you’ve never shown your face, is it an edit-style choice or is it because you’re shy?
At first it was a no brainer, I just wanted to share my favorite items and passion with other people. And obviously as I was posting more and more posts, it became a game, I’m the headless-girl and it’s fine for me! I like maintain a certain mystery around this, being anonymous and simply feature what I like. Over the years, I found that not showing my face is a kind of protection, people have nothing to criticize so they are cool with me!
I wanted to do an instagram with sneakers so I try to keep it coherent in that way.
You post regularly your images, how do you find time to do all these shots?
Let’s be honest, I absolutely have no time to take a picture in the morning or in the evening after work. So what I do is that I prepare couples of images in advance, so I don’t have to worry too much during the week and can still post day by day. I prefer to take the time of shooting some nice picture instead of posting 2 or 3 things quickly with poor quality… I manage to create a small community with people that support me everyday and so taking good quality pictures is a way for me to thank them for being here daily and even from the beginning!
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Call Me Peach caption

I live my passion peacefully, a bit on my own! I try to stay the most natural and keep it authentic to the max!

CallMePeach about its instagram account

Where do you find your inspiration?
Obviously on Instagram, I spend most of my time looking at a countless number of pictures a day! And everything else that is surrounding me, I look, observe and try to find new ideas… My sneakers inspire me a lot too, people would only see a piece of plastic and rubber, I try to see before all, small pieces of art that I have to highlight… Make them even more beautiful so people would be more interested!
How does a photo shoot with Call Me Peach is going on?
People are often surprised that I do this on my own…. Nobody takes my picture nor help me! It’s all about DIY and few tips, I take and edit all my pictures by myself and I only use my iPad, nothing else. You need a good lighting, couple of filters and it’s done! I move around my furniture countless time to get the perfect light and the perfect angle… When I take pictures, my apartment is upside down but no one can imagine that when you see the result!
Have you ever been contacted by brands to collaborate with them for photo shoots?
No never! I live my passion peacefully, a bit on my own! I try to stay the most natural and keep it authentic to the max! Teaming up with a brand is nice, but being really interested in the project is even better! I wouldn’t want my Instagram account to become a promotion channel, I don’t want to cheat on anyone, I like to keep a certain liberty in what I’m doing and what I choose to post.