If you spend time on Instagram, you’ve surely seen her sneaker illustrations. Caroll Lynn van den Brom aka @Careaux won the heart of sneakerheads with her geometrical style and shading control.

As well as being very talented and beautiful, Caroll Lynn is also a big sneaker collector.

An interview with this hyperactive artist was inevitable, learn more about this amazing young talent in the following questions.

Could you in a few lines present yourself to our readers, age, debut and path you follow.
My name is Caroll Lynn. I’m 24 years old and I’m a graphic designer/illustrator based in The Netherlands. I’m specialized in illustrating sneakers – upcoming releases and all time favorites. I’m dreaming to become a sneaker artist, designing and collaborating with big brands and companies.
When did you start your gurney illustrating sneakers?
I started working on sneaker illustrations when my dad got into a coma. He had a car accident with my stepmom, both got stuck under water and drowned. My stepmom passed away. My dad got in a coma for a month. I started losing myself, I wasn’t myself anymore. Being at the therapist daily, looking like shit but my sneakers were always on top, made me realize I could find a way out. I was lucky with my talent and my love for sneakers…
I’m sorry, this is a heartbroken story… Where does your style come from and where do get your inspiration?
My style was based on how I felt in the month my dad almost died. I couldn’t see clear, I didn’t feel solid. I get my inspiration from things I see around me. Sometimes when I don’t feel like myself, I start working to get my mind right. I get confronted with reality daily and sometimes it’s too much for me, so I take distance and just work on what I love.
Is your work uniquely digital or do you work on other supports? Do you only illustrate sneakers?
It is all illustrator that I use for my art. For now I only stick to the sneakers. I got so many work going on but I’m trying to reach out to other things.
You’ve been traveling a lot lately, especially to the US, are these opportunities the fruits collected from your talent?
I work hard to get to all these places. I work in a restaurant at night. Work on Saturday in a sneaker store in Holland and during the day I’m working on requests. So basically I never have free time. Going to the US started as a vacation but turned out to be the biggest trip for my art, I’m lucky.
Can you tell us more about your first exposition “ALL TIME FAVORITES” showcased a couple of days ago at Jeff Staple’s Reed Space in New York. DJ Clark Kent himself came to congratulate you on your accomplishment! When and how did this project come about?
Jeff started this as a joke when he saw my exhibition in Holland. When he reached out to me, I accepted it right away and he came with the concept “All Time Favorite”. It’s based on the story I had to go through and still dealing with. My dad is still recovering and my all time favorites made my worst days better. Some people don’t understand that when I look at them, my days brighten up. It was also a surprise to me when DJ Clark Kent showed up, he made me wise on one night and he was really kind. I respect him for coming through! Everyone has their story behind a shoe, and we wanted to let people know how much emotions it can bring. Besides liking the shoe, there were also stories about shoes that literally changed someone’s life. I think that’s something beautiful. Sneakers are your best friend, they never let you down while you’re walking your path!